Marilyn Holsing         Narrative paintings in mixed media on paper   
Artist Statement


      My work has always been narrative and figurative usually involving landscape elements.  This recent series tells the tale of a Young Marie Antoinette in modern times. My version of the young queen is based on myth more than fact.  Sometimes included in these narratives  are her maids or ladies in waiting and occasionally the stories are about them alone.  Miniscule strokes of paint akin to embroidery stitches create the images on paper. The surfaces are often eccentrically shaped.  My work with this mythic character has  led to three-dimensional work incorporating embroidery which was included in my installation at Gallery Joe titled "Le Vraie Histoire de Jeune Marie."  More recently I created two large cut and painted paper dioramas that incorporated video and sound.  Videos of these dioramas can be seen on Your tube by typing my name.

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